Lucy Miller Dodd

The pieces included here are the writings of Lucy Miller Dodd, whose wit and wisdom are evident as you read them. They are mostly useful as a reminder of life in the middle and late 19th century in southwestern Sangamon County, Illinois. But there is good genealogical information here, too, showing the coming-together of many families from Virginia/West Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri and other states to settle near the south fork of Lick Creek in Chatham, Loami and Talkington Townships.

Lucy was a farm wife and accomplished researcher who lived from 1875 to 1956 and had access to two of Henry Hall's children, both daughters living into their nineties.  She is shown here, above left, from her wedding picture, and on the right above, with husband Melvin Dodd, c. 1940's.  I met her only once when I was 8 years old; and regret I didn't spend more time at her knee.  My g-g-grandfather, Thompson Hall, was a brother to Lucy's mother, Sarah Hall Miller. I have transcribed in these pages Lucy's stories of these early settlers, who farmed this corner of Illinois.

(As the current family genealogist, I have inherited Lucy's original notes, many of which are written on brown "University School Composition" books we've all seen.  Lucy’s last entry, dated Feb. 5, 1956, read “married 61 years.”  On April 16 of that year, at the age of 81, she had a stroke at the breakfast table.  She never spoke again and died peacefully one week later.  Her husband James Melvin Dodd died in 1962.)

The four writings below were copied from Lucy's original notebooks:

The Henry Hall Story - This is the story of Henry and Sarah Harper Hall and their descendants. The family moved from Virginia to Indiana in 1816 and to Loami Twp. in October, 1828 and settled near the South Fork branch of Lick Creek, in what is now Section 26 (W2SW) of Loami Township.

The Charles Dodd Story - This is the story of Charles Dodd's family. He went with his parents to Jefferson County, Tennessee, married Mary Templeton Jones, and moved in 1851 to Illinois, where he purchased a 200 acre farm in the southeast part of Loami Township.

The Benjamin Jones Story - Benjamin George Whitefield Jones, born in 1823, moved to Missouri in 1849 with his family and married Ketouri Cossey in 1851. This is the story of their many moves between Illinois and Missouri during the Civil War.

The churches of Loami Township - This is a history of the Methodist churches in Loami Township, including a "review" of many of the ministers who served from 1881 to 1954.  It began as a listing, but ended as a sort of diary for Lucy, apparently.  Her last entry was written shortly before her death.