"Henry Hall, the oldest known ancestor of the Hall family of which we have any record, was born near Hagerstown, MD, about 1774; went to Loudon County, VA., and there married Sally Harper, who was born about 1783, and was probably one of the descendants of the people for whom Harper’s Ferry was named. Five children were born in Virginia: 1) Nancy, 1801; 2) Aaron, December 24, 1802; 3) Thomas; 4) Washington, May 8, 1809; and 5) Thompson, August 19, 1811. These children were all born in Pittsylvania County, VA."

With these words, Lucy Dodd began her study of the families of southwestern Sangamon County, Illinois.  On these web pages, I have preserved her writing and genealogy notes; and over the last 25 years, added some of my own.  I am trying to extend her good works by finding further information on the Halls and related families from the area.

If you see someone you know something about or have a question about, as you look through these pages, please email me and we'll discuss it.  For now, welcome and have fun.

Most of the information here is in my  Family Listing of many families who settled in southwestern Sangamon County, Illinois, including my own; and related families from Maryland and Virginia.*

[Note: While much of the information in my gedcom is sourced, some is not and the reader should be wary of accepting this information as fact.  As with any research, you should confirm this data with your own research before using it in any way.  While we're on the topic, original research here is copyright and may not be posted elsewhere without permission.]

Introduction to my genealogy - Why and how I've created these pages and some acknowledgements.

GedHTree Family Listing - Family-based listing, mostly of families that settled in southwestern Sangamon County, Illinois.  Also some from Virginia and Maryland.*

The Writings of Lucy Miller Dodd - Her original writings, copied to the web.

Links to other genealogy sites I've used in my search.

Other Documents

Will of Thompson Hall - copied from the original by W. G. Hall

Will of Thomas Harper - from Abstracts of Pittsylvania, Virginia Wills

1864 Diary of William Thompson Hall - copied from the original by W. G. Hall

Pictures and maps

Map of Sangamon County in 1875 - shows the adjoining townships.

Modern map of Sangamon County - also with township layout.

Modern road map of Sangamon County - Loami is lower left.

Land Purchase Map - showing early land purchases by Henry Hall, his sons and others.

Clay Jones' map - area south of Loami.  Reconstructed from Mr. Jones original hand-drawn map.  He helped Lucy Dodd piece together some of the history in this story.

Derivation of the Hall name - Several crests and where some Hall's came from.


"It is fortunate that each generation does not comprehend its own ignorance. We are thus enabled to call our ancestors barbarous."  -Charles Dudley Warner

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