Short bio

I'm a retired civil servant (I was always quite civil - too civil), who worked for state and local government.  I live in Springfield, Illinois with my two cats, Thelma and Louise.  I am the proud father of two children - Nicholas and Andrew, who are computer experts and laugh at this amateurish attempt at a website.  But, I figure it's content that matters, right? Uh, right?!

I've been fooling with computers, doing woodworking (off and on), and doing genealogy for at least 30 years each.  I thought it was high time I put up my own site to talk about that stuff and other ideas that come to mind. 

I might even set up a blog or type in some rants.  However, a man my age shouldn't call them "rants".  How about a page of philosophical musings?  That sounds more appropriate.

Enjoy my site and if you have a comment, contact me.



"No matter where you go, there you are."  - Confucius or Buckaroo Bonzai (either or both, according to web sources)

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