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Note for:   Cuthbert PRICE,   13 JUN 1764 -          Index

Alias:   /Cuthbird/

Individual Note:
     Cuthbert Price [1780.3.11.6] (13 June 1764) married Nancy Thompson in Pittsylvania County 15 June (bond) 1788. [Pittsylvania Co. marriage bond]
Father William Price's will leaves two tracts (220 and 40 acres) to Cuthbert.
They deeded 102 acres on the north side of White Oak Creek to George Washington Thompson 16 January 1794. [Pittsylvania Co. Wills & Deeds Bk. 9, p. 487]

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Note for:   Samuel THOMPSON,   1728 - 1 SEP 1779         Index

Individual Note:
     From John Pritchett's website: Samuel left a will in Amelia County directing the executors to give his children a customary education at the expense of his estate “not designing hereby for them to be Brought up in Idleness.” Rev. Jeremiah Walker, Joseph Jennings, and John Jennings witnessed the will. Executors were son-in-law Christopher Robertson, son John Jennings, and brother-in-law Joseph Jennings. Children named in the will were Milly, Nancy, Jennings, and Mary Pulliam (will dated 1 Sept. 1779, [Amelia Co. Will Bk. 2, p. 342] recorded 23 Sept. 1779). Samuel later amended his will to provide for paying a debt to Byrd Pruett of Pittsylvania County that arose when Samuel bought some land and stock from him.
They inventoried and appraised Samuel’s estate 23 September 1779. [Amelia Co. Will Bk. 2, p. 346] Among other things he owned nine slaves and “reading books val. at 20 pounds, and 27 quires of paper val. at 3/10/0.”
In 1752 the elder Samuel sold his son of the same name 587 acres in Louisa County. [Louisa Co. Deed Bk. A, p. 473] Samuel was living in Amelia County in November 1761 when he deeded the tract to James Jennings. [Louisa Co. Deed Bk. C, p. 127]

On 25 November 1779 co executor, Joseph Jennings bought from his nephew and co executor Christopher Robertson 170 acres in Amelia County next to land he already owned for £2,350. [Amelia Co. Deed Bk. 15, p. 216] This was part of the 200-acre Jennings plantation that Joseph sold to Samuel Thompson in 1774. Christopher said in the deed that he was selling the land to comply with Samuel’s will. Today we would consider such a transaction an apparent conflict of interest. A three-party deed in Pittsylvania County regarding land that belonged to Samuel Thompson identified his then heirs as Jennings, Mary Pulliam, Washington, Samuel, Nancy, William and Waddie Thompson. [Pittsylvania Co. Wills & Deeds Bk. 5, p. 314]
Samuel’s heirs were in the Amelia County chancery court in the May Term 1794 to induce Joseph and Christopher to divide the estate. [Amelia Co. Court Order Bk. 20, p. 266] The other executor, John Jennings, was not a party to the suit.
Joseph Jennings continued to report to the Amelia County court on the estate of his brother-in-law, Samuel Thompson. In 1792 Joseph charged the estate account for “To the trouble of his sister Thompson in his own house while she was afflicted with the Historicks.” [Amelia Co. Will Bk. 4, pp. 246-261]
After her husband died, Ann continued to live in Amelia County. In 1782 and 1785 they listed her head of a household of five. [Heads of Families at the First Census 1790, Virginia, pp. and col. 12D, 82A] She was living next to her son-in-law, Christopher Robertson. Ann Thompson died at “Chestnut Level,” the home of her son Washington Thompson in Pittsylvania. [Meet Your Ancestors (Bowling), pp. 190-1]

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Note for:   Anne Nancy JENNINGS,   1736 - 1811         Index

     Date:   1811
     Place:   Thompson Farm, Chestnut Level, Pittsylvania Co, VA

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Note for:   Samuel THOMPSON,   31 DEC 1691 - 28 AUG 1753         Index

     Place:   Providence, VA

Individual Note:
     Many people have filed possible mates for Samuel Thompson. I have included none, because there are so many possibilities. They all seem to agree he had a son named Samuel, though.

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Note for:   Sara DRAKE,    -          Index

Individual Note:
     According to Mary Hodge's notes, she had been employed by the family for many years prior to the first wife's death.

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Note for:   Alma BOURLAND,   ABT 1903 -          Index

Alias:   /Bobby/

Individual Note:
     According to Lena Hall's diary entries, was called "Bobby." The December, 1933 diary entry calls her "Miss B---".

In the 1920 census for Springfield, IL, there is a 17 year old Alma Borland living with father Earnest (48) and mother (39). She is shown as an inspector at motor (or meter) works. Earnest is a "chauffeur" at a meat market.

In the 1910 census Earnest Bourland is listed a grocery man with wife Deltha(?) and Alma at home.

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Note for:   James M. TURPIN,   10 MAY 1848 -          Index

Individual Note:
     1880 Census for Loami, Sangamon co, IL:
    James M. TURPIN Self M Male W 52 MO Retired Farmer KY MO
    Charlotte TURPIN Wife M Female W 50 IL Keeps House KY KY
    Willie W. JOY Other S Male W 10 IL VA OH

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Note for:   James COSSEY,    -          Index

Individual Note:
     According to Mary Hodge's notes, a twin.

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Note for:   Delila GOUTY,    -          Index

Individual Note:
     According to Mary Hodge's notes, she was the daughter of a wealthy farmer.

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Note for:   William COSSEY,   ABT 1798 - 10 APR 1875         Index

Individual Note:
     According to Mary Hodge's notes, William moved to Vermillion County, IN and later to Conway, MO. He established a stage station and inn there. He also was a stock dealer and was pro-slavery. During the Civil War he was forced to move back to IN for 2 years, finally returning to MO, where he finished his days.

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Note for:   William J. MILLER,   MAY 1833 - 1911         Index

Individual Note:
     In the 1910 census for Marysville, Marshall Co, KS, William and Margarett are living with a son, William and daughter-in-law, Catherine.

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Note for:   Josiah W CAMPBELL,   5 JUN 1848 - MAY 1859         Index

Individual Note:
     According to the History of the early Settlers of Sangamon county was a twin to James S. and was killed by becoming entangled with the harness on a mule.

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Note for:   James S. CAMPBELL,   5 JUN 1848 -          Index

Individual Note:
     According to the History of the early Settlers of Sangamon county was a twin to Josiah W.

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Note for:   Reuben HALL,   ABT 1775 - BEF JUN 1853         Index

Individual Note:
     Recent DNA evidence shows that descendents of Juniper match Reuben's descendents on all 37 markers exactly, and is only one marker off on Henry. This indicates a strong likelihood that Juniper, Henry and Reuben were close relatives, probably brothers, based on dates of birth.

Excepting his marriage record, the first document we have mentioning Reuben is this land transaction in Pittsylvania Co, VA - On Sep. 15, 1806, Reuben Hall bought 219 acres for $200 from Henry Hall and wife Sally. The acreage is almost half the amount purchased by Henry 18 months before; this could indicate the "splitting" of an inheritance or something similar. Of note is that the original deed book shows in the margin that a copy was made for "R. Hall", indicating Reuben looked up the deed. Why would that be?

"1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners for Pittsylvania County"
Henry Hall - Sandy Creek of Sandy River; 13SW
Reubin Hall - Sandy Creek of Sandy River; 13SW

1820 Census for Pittsylvania County, VA for Reuben Hall

1850 Pittsylvania Co., VA Census
23 109 109 Hall Reuben 75 M / . 200 Meriland . . . . .
24 109 109 Farnier Sarah 37 F . . . Virginia . . . . .(prob. Sarah Farmer-see marr.. Records)
25 109 109 Hall Winny 37 F . . . Virginia . . . . .
26 109 109 Hall Daniel 26 F . . . Virginia . . . . .
27 109 109 Hall Ellender 24 F . . . Virginia . . . . .
28 109 109 Hall Delphia 27 F . . . Virginia . . . . .
29 109 109 Hall Joseph 20 M . . . Virginia . . . . .
30 109 109 Adkins William 18 M . Laborer . Virginia

According to the Hudnet family history, Reuben helped administer the estate of his brother-in-law Daniel Bradley.

Other land transactions:
On April 11, 1821, Reuben Hall sells – acres to William Walton.
On September 21, 1840 Reuben Hall “comr” sells to Delphia Blades – acres.
On April 18, 1853, Reuben Hall, Sr. sells – acres to Thomas C. Smith.
On October 19, 1857, Reuben Hall “est-comr” sells – acres to Joseph T. Payne.
On December 11, 1858 Reuben Hall gives a trust to William Temp Price, of – acres