Ryobi BT3K table saw - needs tweaking all the time, but once you're used to it, is a real time saver.  Just don't feed wood into it like you would into a  3hp Delta.

Delta 6" Jointer - would like a bigger one, but it's a great machine

Dewalt 12" planer - lunchbox-type

Yates-American J-Line lathe - from the 40's or 50's, restored.  With variable speed and reversing.  Turns 13" over the "notch" and 36" long spindles.

Bosch sliding compound miter saw - wow!

Dewalt 9" Radial arm saw - 40's vintage.  Needs tweaking all the time, too, but I love it.

Rockwell/Delta 6" belt/12" disk sander - my newest acquisition, 40's vintage, with a newer 1 hp motor. ($90 - eat your heart out.)

Hitachi MV12 router - in the table made from an old "flip top" file cabinet.

Sanding table/air cleaner - homemade, as you can see.  An old squirrel cage blower and furnace filters are inside.

Delta "Dust" collector - 1 hp, actually located in the attached garden shed, because it does NOT collect dust.  The piping is cheap 4" snap-together from Menards.

I believe a benchtop mortiser will be delivered by Santa.