Here's my shop in a snowstorm.  Here it is on a summer day.

I added on to a one-car garage in the backyard shortly after we moved here (2001) and finally have my 700 sq. ft. 'dream' shop.  Like other hobbyists, I started 40 years ago in my basement and had to build anything large in the garage because there wasn't any room in the basement.  Now, I can relax with a cup of coffee and listen to some jazz, while I contemplate my next project.  There's nothing like it, is there?

First, the basics.  The shop is in two parts - we had a little free-standing garage that had just enough room for a "loft" upstairs.  To that, I added on the new section that was about 18X29.

The "old" section (right side, in the above pic) has a shed on the back for garden tools, mowers and my dust collection, and the loft above is for storage.  The garage door is great for moving large things in and out.  Inside it is primarily wood storage, clamp racks, junk and the stereo.

The "new" part, on the left above, is about 550 sq. ft. and houses the following tools:



Here are some bowls I've turned